Sugam Paneer

About a quarter century back, many a migrant from the Indian sub-continent whilst at the dinner table in their new British home felt something amiss over mealtimes.

Their palate longed for the taste of India that they had left back home. The texture, the mouthfeel, the subtle flavours and that tickle in the tongue were missing in their favourite Paneer dish.

We traced this missing link to the art of making authentic Paneer and in 1994 under the ‘Sugam’ brand, we passionately created and began producing the first authentic Indian Paneer in the UK. This non-melting, protein-packed and gently pressed Indian cheese is a flavour-bearer par excellence – similar to Halloumi in texture, but less salty to the taste.

We are the true Paneer pioneers in the UK and Sugam Paneer is still regarded by those who know their cheese (Paneer) as the original…and the best.

Others (and many have tried) might make Paneer, but none have the provenance – the authentic, instantly recognisable Indian culinary spirit that is proudly refined and distilled in every morsel of our Sugam Paneer.

The same patience, passion and care has gone in the development of our other genuine Indian dairy products.

Khoa, a semi-solid mass of milk ingredients, prepared by the evaporation of a portion of milk’s water content is used as the base for a wide variety of Indian sweets. It is an ingredient that finds its way in the tempting sweet delicacies of different tastes, shapes and colours that one sees in Indian sweet shop counters across the country.

Sugam Khoa is a must at the top of the shopping list of discerning households who would prefer it for their cooking of Indian sweets crafted to yield a divine bite and taste.

Shrikhand, another of our products, is a delicious Indian sweet dish made from strained yogurt, sweetened with sugar, flavoured delicately with saffron and cardamom ready to be garnished with almonds and pistachios.

We are always working on product development and constantly on the look-out for fresh ideas and opportunities. And whether used in savoury or sweet dishes, Sugam products add something authentic and truly special to mealtimes …pure Indian perfection!

Sugam Paneer excellent source of protein
Sugam Paneer excellent source of protein